Thailand – the love of my life ðŸ˜Š

I’ve been to many beautiful places around the world, but Thailand completely stole my heart… Only now I’ve started to realise why so many people come back there over and over again. And I will… Definitely… 

It begins with a people and it’s true…

” When we are shy, we smile ”

” When we are bored, we kick ”

” When we are stressed, we meditate ”

” When we don’t have enough, we give ”

” The more tired we get, the louder we sing ”

” The more we feel sad, the more playful we get ”

This is how Thai people see the world and once I went there, I felt exactly the same… I didn’t feel sad or bored even for a second, but if I do now, I smile. It helps. No wonder, Thailand is called The Land of Smiles.

  We’ve stayed in Krabi, on the Andaman coast of Thailand. It has long been in the shadows of more famous Thai beach resorts such as Phuket, Pattaya and Koh Samui. However as these places grow ever more crowded, the natural charms of Krabi have been attracting an increasing number of visitors. 

The first 2 days were spent at Ao Nang, which is, without a doubt, the centre of the tourist scene in Krabi. Great choice of restaurants, bars and accommodation and is ideally placed to explore the rest of the region. I must say that Hilltop is Ao Nang’s most stylish restaurant. The views are just amazing, especially at sunset, so it is a great place if you are seeking a romantic spot for a dinner. It is not just a place to eat, it is a destination in itself. I loved that place and it is my personal opinion.

After a few days of exploring Ao Nang, we took a day trip to Phi Phi. First stop was at Maya Bay where we got time for swimming and snorkelling. Well, kind off… The place is beautiful, but it was sooooo crowded that it wasn’t even possible to swim and under water I saw more of people’s legs than fishes.

Next stop – Monkey Bay. Only a short stop to see monkeys and take a few photos.

After Monkey Island, we are off to a white beach dotted shores of Phi Phi Don. It is time for lunch. There is plenty of things to do and see in your 2 hours of free time, you can rent a kayak, go shopping, walk up to the viewpoint or just hang out at the beach.

On the way back we’ve stopped at Bamboo Island, only for about 45min free time to swim and relax. It is a beautiful island with snow white sandy beach and not so crowded. I would recommend taking a private trip there in the early morning to see it’s full beauty.

The speedboat arrives back to Ao Nang around 4.30pm, where tired, but happy, we disembark and decide to take a private long tail boat tour to the other small islands next day.

The next morning we are met by our long tail boat captain and we are off to Hong Island. What an amazing day… First of all, the friendliness and knowledge of the captain was priceless. He showed us so many beautiful places in one day, that we’ve had to change our Go Pro battery twice. The private tour cost about 4000 baht for a full day and it is worth every single penny. 

Tiger Cave Temple Krabi – 1237 steps to happiness…

Tiger Cave Temple near Krabi Town is one of the most impressive and beautiful sights. A must see place if you are visiting Krabi. It can be easily reached by taxi from Krabi Town or Ao Nang, or there are day trips available, which can also include elephant trekking and Emerald Pool.

Tiger Cave Temple is considered very sacred place. Appropriate clothing should be worn. Take plenty of water, beware of the monkeys and do not count the steps!


We didn’t have enough time to visit all places we’ve wanted, so we will be definitely returning. There is sooooo much to see and do. 

I fell in love with a scenery, culture, people, food, massages, everything I have experienced in Thailand was amazing… And although our flight was delayed for nearly 24 hours, the luggage lost and two days of our wonderful holiday was gone, I can only say – it was best holiday ever! I think about Thailand every single day and I can’t wait to go back…




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